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Digital Businesses and Markets of The Future

Digital Businesses and Markets of The Future
May 07
13:58 2014


The future is now indeed as we witness the vast revolution in technology hardly decades old. The re-invention of the wheel is an ongoing process as we get about changing business scenarios into new perspectives. The world of work has changed indeed. Jobs like painting cars in the factory do not require human staff any more. A robot would do it better.

Forex is the multi-currency business born with the internet, an authentic child of the web. The foreign exchange business beats everything at $4 trillion a day and is bound to get better with convenient trading from the desktop or the mobile even as traders travel. Automated trading enables the show to go on even in your absence. If you died suddenly, your trading is still on according to set parameters. And so day and night except during the weekends the forex never sleeps but analyzes, reports and forecasts currency changes and trends through charts all across the globe.

Technology is the great leveler. The statistics reveal that the emerging world has a clear advantage in cloud computing, business intelligence, collaborative and mobile technologies over the developed world! Every business today possesses the potential to go global and search for capital, intellectual property and manpower.

The Agricultural and the Industrial Revolutions changed human thought from established principles in dynamic new directions. The Information and Technology Revolutions of today are absolutely mind blowing. Imagine the telegraph and the railway and how they transformed the existing way of life! We talk today about artificial intelligence overtaking human creators. Such a scenario already exists in a million software systems where humans are held to ransom. Unless certain information is fed, the program does not move forward, no matter what! The software has been programmed that way!

Thus technology and economic growth are two sides of the same coin. Tremendous advantages do exist in the business sense but what happens to human resources, the most precious human capital? The greatest advantage in going global is like a website visible and enabling transactions across the world while the trendiest mall can only attract shoppers in the vicinity. Businesses and customers are understood better with the new technology. Education and Health besides financial services for instance have been undergoing rapid transformations.

The physical limitations no longer apply to that ethereal cyberspace! Everything is not all that heavenly though with all the crime being regularly reported like hacking and stealing passwords for plunder.

Governments nowadays not only have transparent administrations but companies dare to go global with digital expertise and explore vast markets like the smartphone business, wireless networks and transport systems. Human enterprise never reaped so many rewards!

Cloud computing is a very convenient system of data storage up there rather than in the hardware on your desktop. The advantages are that you spend less on physical infrastructure while information resides in the imaginary cloud of cyberspace.

Besides the mobile connect, social networks could change human thinking and emotion in a moment that could result in advantages and the reverse too in politically sensitive environments like during a crisis. We are no longer in control of our own systems!

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