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Easy Steps To Learn Forex Trading

Easy Steps To Learn Forex Trading
September 04
19:20 2014

Learn forex trading introduction

Trading in the forex market is very appealing to most people. This is mainly because of the high returns associated with the foreign exchange market. Today, many people are looking for effective ways to learn forex trading. To prospective traders, this is a viable investment option, which promises huge returns. Contrary to what most people believe, learning forex trading is not only meant for novice traders. Even the experienced traders must refresh their trading strategies or techniques from time to time. This goes miles in making sure they maximize on their profits and mitigate losses. The good thing is that mastering effective forex trading principles is not as hard as most people deem. You just need commitment, time, and dedication.

Before investing both your money and time in the foreign exchange market, it is imperative that you be informed about how the industry works. Learning the basics of currency trading is very important before steeping into the world of trading. This will equip you with the right options and strategies that will give you substantial amounts of profits.

The forex market stands out as the largest market in the world. Here, billions if not trillions of dollars exchange hands daily. These huge volumes attract many people into this lucrative market. For you to reap maximum benefits, learning to trade forex is a must. Due to stiff competition in the market, it is critical to master a number of trading concepts. Since the foreign exchange market is open 24hours in a day and 5.5 days in a week, learning is very easy. So which is the first step to take for those who want to learn forex trading?

First step to learn forex trading

Well, the first step is finding someone with vast experience in matters forex trading. An experienced forex trading professional will be of great help in assisting you gain all important concepts required in this market. Using a professional trader is easy but time consuming. Unlike what most people believe, learning forex trading does not have to be frustrating, challenging, or difficult. By keeping all concepts simple, there is no doubt that you will emerge tops. Most forex trading strategies are very simple learning. Therefore, stick to the basics and avoid principles that cause you heartache and unnecessary stress. Learn to contain your emotions during the learning process. Develop strict trading discipline and values. This is a great way to guarantee success in the long run.

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learn forex trading

Second step to learn forex trading

If you want to learn to trade forex, you must be willing to learn and understand a few basic concepts and ideas. Some of the most common terminologies that you should learn are:

  • Quote
  • Lot
  • Pip
  • Margin/Leverage

Learning about a quote is important because in the forex market, currencies are quoted in pairs. This is especially true when comparing currencies. It may seem quite difficult at first but in the real sense, it is more than easy. For example, the USD/EUR at 1.544 reveals that one USD is worth 1.544 EUR.

A Lot is on the other hand refers to smallest trade size that is available.

A Pip refers to a unit that traders count their profit or loss in. A good number of currency pairs are normally quoted in four or to 4 decimal places. This is with exception of Japanese Yen pairs. The fourth spot after decimal point is essentially what traders watch while counting “pips.”

When it comes to Leverage or margin, it is important to know that every trade in the forex market are normally executed through borrowed money. What this means is that individuals are able to more than take advantage of margin or leverage. For example, Leverage of 200:1 enables one to trade with a figure of $1000 by putting aside of $5 only. This is as security deposit. Leverage means that one can take advantage of small currency movements. This is by taking control of money in the forex market. Novice traders should know that just like Leverage can help you reap profits, if not handled in the best way, can results to substantial losses.

Third step to learn forex trading

The third step to take for those who want to learn forex trading is gain knowledge of the various strategies that will bring nothing short of profits. One of these strategies is learning the best time to trade forex. Generally speaking, the best times are between London markets, which open around 8:00 GMT and end with US markets that close approximately 22:00GMT. The busiest times are London to US overlap, which is between 13:00 GMT and 16:00 GMT. During these times, the market is normally at its most liquid. It is also important to learn about the three major sessions in the world of forex markets. These are the Asian session, London session and US session. The London session begins at 8:00GMT and closes at 16:00GMT. The US sessions begins at 1300 GMT and closes at 22:00 GMT.

Should you trade small or big? This is a question most novice traders have to grapple with. Trading small allows one to reduce the amount of risk in the event you make mistakes. Another important aspect you should be informed about has to do with what to trade on. Most new traders trade on anything that moves. This is quite dangerous. Before starting to trade make sure you have a deep understanding on the currencies you wish to buy and sell.


The above steps will come in handy to anyone who wants to learn forex trade. It is easy if you give it your best. Everything is possible in the forex market.

Easy Steps To Learn Forex Trading - overview
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