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Week’s Relief For Payment Of Gas Charges By Ukraine

Week’s Relief For Payment Of Gas Charges By Ukraine
August 12
17:22 2014

Of late Ukraine has been all over the world news for all the wrong reasons. Clashes in Ukraine’s trouble zones designated as “Red” areas have led to dozens of people dead and many more injured. A recent blast in central region of Ukraine left almost 7 civilians dead and there was another news of 500 rebels attacking the border guard headquarters resulting in 5 army personnel dead as they fought back.

Meanwhile the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine continues to loom as Ukraine is no position to settle any pending energy bills. Currently Ukraine is experiencing what would be easily be the worst decade in its history and Russia is also not shying away from reacting to the rebel’s attempts at toppling pro-Russian government in Ukraine. In response Russia took complete military control of Crimea and to this day Crimea remains the hottest topics in each UN meeting.

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One fruitful result that has come out of UN and other European nations trying to mediate between Ukraine and Russia is Russian energy minister’s agreeing to give a few week’s relief to Ukraine for the pending energy bills. Records show that Ukraine has indeed paid up for the first time in months towards energy bills dated Feb and Mar 2014.

The Russian energy minister further added that the Russian government did not want Ukraine’s pending energy bill to take the center stage in more crucial discussion about the diplomatic relationship between Russia and Ukraine. Economic trade pundits have stated this move as an important step to ensure that the relationship between Russia and Ukraine does not get any sourer.

Although Ukraine has welcomed this act of good faith they continue to blame Russia for hiking the energy prices as a political weapon against Ukraine. US president Obama has also played a key role in mediating between Russia and Ukraine and is planning to meet other G7 leaders to rally all of them for the common cause of world peace and harmony. Russia has also expressed its plans to submit a UN Security Council resolution seeking an immediate cease-fire to commence peace talks with Ukraine. There are also talks of Russia eventually helping in rebuilding Ukraine’s broken economy and give support to its lagging industries – Infrastructure, Transport and Agriculture.

Ukraine still has a long road of recovery ahead of it but the relief towards the pending energy bills will go a long way in opening up the doors for bilateral talks.

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