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Do You Wish To Trade In Foreign Exchange?

Do You Wish To Trade In Foreign Exchange?
June 24
11:30 2014

The greatest global financial trade each day is the buying and selling of pairs of currencies called the foreign exchange market, forex or fx. The dynamic business that could change fortunes overnight is a mighty world of ups and downs. Which are the biggest currencies? The American dollar of course is the strongest along with the British pound, the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc.

 The foreign exchange trade would not have been possible without the enchantment we call the internet. The internet went global only in the middle 1990s, empowering private individuals to trade in foreign exchange. You no longer needed millions to be a forex trader, unlike the past, anymore!

Trading Software- Meta Trader 4

Have you heard of Meta Trader 4? The greatest friend of the forex trader, the Meta Trader 4 software is particularly designed for tension free foreign exchange trading from the security of your personal desktop. Available for free download, the software has a series of versions that suit mobile and smartphone applications since much of the trading public nowadays imagines new horizons in charming hand held devices? Android, iPhone, Mobile, Mobile SE, yes, everything. Why? Portability is the answer, compared to the bulky desktop and laptop of the past that brings convenience of usage even during whirlwind journeys or in remoteness through jungle safaris provided steady connectivity is available.

Meta Trader 4 is the genius that would see you through your darkest days. Well, a global trade dealing with pairs of currencies that does business of $4 trillion each day would not be smooth sailing. Ups and downs are only to be expected. The novice has a long way to go before brightening up the days with strategies that spell success.

Much like the human body, Meta Trader 4 consists of outstanding constituents. The MT4 MultiTerminal software can handle multiple accounts simultaneously and manages to keep track of dramatic goings on globally in the rise and fall of currency values. Charts display the volatile markets and relative values. Expert Advisors for automated trading work independently on your behalf after the terms are set. You are thus trading even while you sleep. Unlike stock markets that have fixed office hours, the forex market works day and night except during weekends.

SEC_230614_2 (2)

If you are ambitious enough to trade in stock markets in addition to forex with the spouse perhaps, you need Meta Trader 5 which serves the dual function. Both softwares are downloaded free from many sites and have extensive mobile applications for maximum flexibility. The principles of both forex and stocks are the same- buying cheap and selling when prices rise. While stocks could concern thousands of companies, the forex market is restricted to the few major international currencies, rather pairs of currencies. What are they? The British pound and the euro versus the American dollar, the American dollar versus the Japanese yen and the American dollar versus the Swiss franc are the most extensively dealt in currency pairs on the planet. The Canadian and Australian dollars also figure amongst the most popular currencies.

Which would serve your purpose, Meta Trader 4 or 5? Where have you reached in the forex business? A beginner has a lot to learn and a fairly long period of apprenticeship before you could really get going. If it is a lifelong career you are looking for because of business acumen or a passion, a sound training program would be in order. While even a child operates software on digital devices, financial markets are no child’s play.

Training for Forex Trading

Would video tutorials and webinars suffice to learn about the forex scenario? For those not comfortable with the online stuff, brick and mortar colleges would be needed to drive home salient financial lessons. Yet all forex trading is conducted online with no particular market location which means that it is the most fluid and liquid market dealing with millions of entities.

All this seems to be getting too complex already for the novice! How would you wish to learn the process? The many trading firms that crowd the internet skyscape do offer demo accounts to the interested. With a demo account you would download the software and carry out trial trading activities as if with real money. For a while you would get a realistic experience of where and when to trade, how to study the markets and trends, how to take decisions to buy or to sell, depending upon rising and falling currencies. The element of risk taking is always present in financial markets and stop and limit orders are used as weapons against loss. You can be sure that automated trading takes away many of the headaches that could be daunting. Since you cannot watch the markets 24/7, the robot keeps a watch and makes decisions on your behalf after the parameters are set.

Since there is no governing physical headquarters and all forex business is conducted online at nowhere, shall we say, you would have to join one of the brokers that crowd cyberspace with a range of trading weapons. and are two of those bodies. The best regulated broker would be from USA, UK, Canada or Hong Kong, countries that have stringent policies in place.

Yet how do the currencies rise and fall? That would appear somewhat commonsensical no doubt in business terms. If a civil war breaks out, that particular currency suffers. If a business conference is held, the currency may escalate. Yet feelings often decide the values! The feel good factor extends to monetary terms too, strange though it may sound.

The forex basically has six kinds of traders: central banks, investment banks, corporations, global funds and the individual traders. The symbols AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD and USD stand respectively for Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Euro, British pound, Japanese yen, New Zealand dollar and American dollar. Some interesting nicknames respectively are Aussie, Loonie, Swissy, Euro, Cable, Yen, Kiwi and Buck. The origin of the nicknames is a mystery!

Some complications yet remain. The two currencies are bought and sold together in pairs. Strategies and technical analysis like the study of past experiences and time bound charts would reveal the strength of the volatile currencies in view of the changing market conditions referring to social, economic and political factors. When to buy and sell would be a skill honed by time and experience. Happy forex trading!

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